Thursday 14 July 2011

BIN11: Day Twenty-Four

A really succesful day today. We've been moving with great speed, particularly in Trench One. Here, the ramparts are coming up really nicely and the roadside gully(?) is extending quite some distance now and is looking quite impressive. Elsewhere, to the west of the building the team has been hacking away in a very large pit, which has seemingly caused subsidence to the building. They've now exposed the foundation stones suggesting they have reached the bottom of the wall if not the pit; they also revealed a rather interesting line of stones (wall?) running parallel to the barrack - how far does this extend?

Inside the barrack, in its northern section, we've started picking away at the interior floor surfaces. We've found the beginnings of new flagstone surface, although have not finished defining it's extent. Otherwise, the main work in this trench has been pits (pits..pits..) and planning the small medieval structure.

In Trench 2, we're starting to really get to grips with defining the robber trenches along some of the wall lines in the strip buildings. We've also detected some nice surfaces, possibly paths or interior floors. The big pits continue to reveal multiple stone linings to no-ones surprise. Elsewhere, it's mostly planning, although there is some removal of stones in the interior of the small extension to the larger building revealing some more in situ wall plaster.

Off site, we finished the coring - not great results, only getting down about 2m, but nonetheless, there is still potential for better understanding the environmental history of the environs of the fort.

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