Friday 13 July 2012

BIN12: Day Twenty-two

This morning started a bit brighter than most, in fact a lot brighter than the entire time since we’ve been here in Binchester. Although the sun was out the ground had not yet felt it and the mud was just as deep as if a torrential downpour had just occurred. The day started with new assignments being given to some seeing as a few of our previous areas were too wet to dig. For some the day was spent cleaning cobbles, and taking many a bucket to their designated spoil heap. For others like Jessica Galea, one of our illustrious Fulbright scholars, happened upon a fantastic find in the center of Trench 2, a very well preserved denari. She also found a bullhorn, which was unfortunately not in working condition (hold for laughter). Indeed Trench 2 was today’s trench in the spotlight with much “madness” as Jamie put it in reference to trench 2’s enigmatic north-eastern quadrant where last year’s pits were being uncovered. This “madness” that Jamie was referring to was about the lower layers excavated today and their predictable unpredictability. Trench 2 was also in the middle of being cleaned up for further excavation. In the eastern corner of the trench volunteers and students were committing detailed troweling. In Trench 1 much of the previous work was continued with and the southern end of Trench 1 was being exposed further revealing jagged flat slabs and cobbles in closer and closer proximity. Finally in the center of Trench 1 Melissa and her husband Tim, two of our Texas Tech Students were exposing mass amounts of animal bone and a fantastic example of roman glass from the second century. This aqua glass perhaps belonged to the handle of a large rectangular vessel. Today was incredible; it was full of good finds and even better spirits and was a day that has made a mark on all our minds for being a good break from our English summer

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