Friday 24 June 2011

BIN11: Day Fifteen

Today was the last day of our Durham 1st year undergraduates on site, having spent three weeks here learning the basics of archaeological fieldwork. In this time we've made a really good start and got much more done than we were anticipating. Following two days of tv crew, it was back to the grindstone, finishing off all the drawing and recording which was still left. The highlight in Trench 1 was the identification of an articulated deer leg placed in a pit to the east of the barrack block (see picture). This has straight sides and is clay lined, and has the possibility to turn into a well. Elswhere, the remaining stone-lined working hollows were recorded, although there seems to be others ready to be excavated. In Trench 2, amidst all the recording, we were able to continue working on one of the pits and removed more of the fill of a robber trench along the line of a section of the wall of the eastern strip building.

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