Wednesday 3 July 2013

Come and see the Binchester stone head!

For those of you who've been reading or hearing about the Binchester stone head why not come and see if for yourselves? It will be on display at our event on Saturday and Sunday July 13-14 held a part of the National Festival of British Archaeology. As well as seeing some of our finds including the head, there will be site tours to learn about new discoveries made during this year's excavations at the fort. Roman re-enactors Roma Antiqua are joined by a detachment of Legio IX and Barbaratus the Roman cavalryman to counter attacks by the Celts and the Nordmanni (Saxon and Viking Living History group). You can also visit the tented encampment of Roman soldiers and civilian traders. Click here for information about how to find the site, admission charges and other information about visiting Binchester Roman fort. If you want to read more about the head itself click here

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