Thursday 25 July 2013

Binchester 2013: Day Thirty-Four

Penultimate day of this year's season. Across the site the focus is mainly on tying up loose ends and final recording.

In Trench 1 there has been lots of planning of the newly exposed areas to the east of the barrack block, although some people have continued the process of revealing new features in the internal floors of the building. There was also some progress in the latrine, where Travis and Rachael were cracking on with exposing the complex sequence of culverts. It is clear that the drainage arrangements for this building went through multiple stages. Next door, the team continued to reveal elements of the corner tower, now we've finally worked out where it really is!

In Trench 2, again, lots of planning and recording. The team who had been beavering away in the big slot we'd put through the deposits in the large room are now recording. They have been focussing primarily on section drawing which is useful as we have lots of well defined tip lines to be recorded. Across this trench there was plenty of context recording and levelling being done. Only one day left....

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