Friday 12 June 2009

Finds update

We've just had some photos done f some of the finds from the first stages of the excavation, so this is just a quick review of the some of the best discoveries so far.

Roman enamelled stud

Fragment of snake thread vessel - luxury c2nd C glass (id by J Price)

Enamelled brooch or seal box lid

Samian with later scratched decoration/doodle

Rim frag of late 2nd/ early 3rd C painted glass cup, may have part of fish design below red/yellow twisted band (J Price)

Coins (obverse)

Coins (reverse)

And some notes on the coin courtesy of our coin specialist Philippa Walton
"From top left coin going clockwise they are:

1) a copy of an VRBS ROMA nummus, AD 330-335 (House of Constantine)
2) a nummus of the House of Constantine, 2 soldiers 2 standards reverse, AD 330-335, Trier mint
3) A denarius of Otho, AD 69. This is an interesting coin. It's a variant on an aureus type (RIC 20 var) and is only the third one known, the others being a example from France (BN III, 25) and a PAS record BH-F5BD67!
4) A nummus of the House of Constantine, Victories with wreath on altar, AD 318-324, Trier mint"

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