Monday 15 June 2009

Binchester Day Six

Now we've concluded that the rubble layer over some of the site is a natural feature, much of today was spent removing it to allow us to better understand the layers beneath it. In the course of this a number of nice finds came up, including a fragment of painted glass (I'm not sure of the date; it didn't 'feel' Roman to me, perhaps med or post-med, but I'm not a glass expert) and more excitingly a headless pipeclay figurine of Venus (I'll put an image up as soon as I can, but you can see very similar example from Canterbury- only with a head- here.

I can't give much more detail about today's progress as I spent much of the day taking a group of students around the local area exploring the wider archaeological context of the fort and its surroundings. The day ended early due to a thunder storm accompanied by ferocious rain and hail- I've been working in the north east for a long time now and I'd never seen rain that heavy. The big question is whether the site will be waterlogged tomorrow or will it have drained away.

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