Thursday 23 July 2009

Binchester Day Thirty Four

Everyone has been hard at work today; the cleaning and trowelling is really starting to pay dividends. It looks like we've now identified the end of the main barrack (see picture above). It is possible that this return wall is simply an internal division, but if this is true its hard to see how there would be room for the intra-vallum road between the building and the north rampart. Work in the large pit has continued- still no clearly defined edge- however, removing some of the larger stones has revealed what appears to be the footings for the wall, showing that not all the wall was removed when the pit was dug. In the eastern corner of the site we've found the walls of the structure identified by Kenneth Steer when he excavated a trench here in the 1930s. Plenty of interesting finds have been popping up which has helped keep people's interest despite the boring cleaning tasks; more coins, a fragment of a glass bangle, a copper alloy fitting and plenty of pottery!

The big pit with the wall footing

Copper alloy fitting

Lots of pot (and lot still to wash)

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