Thursday 4 June 2009

First results

Work is continuing with the topsoil strip which should be completed today. There are clearly lots of archaeological features appearing including SW/NE building/s; there is some plough damage (the site was cut by medieval ridge and furrow) but much is still intact including areas of large stone internal paving. A range of finds have been recovered including pottery (fragments of terra sigillata, mortaria, courseware and possible amphora), Roman window glass, a lot of unidentifiable iron objects, several probable Roman copper alloy items, including a small enameled stud, and a number of coins.

We also have the first results from the geophysical survey, which show evidence for activity within the area we are looking. We're hoping that the Ground Penetrating Radar survey data, which is being processed at the moment, will give us a more detailed and subtle understanding of the features in the area of our trench.

Magnetometer data

Resistivity data

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  1. Delighted to see that one of my favourite small finds has come up (FeObj). :^)

    Out of interest, what's the scale on the magnetometer and resistivity images?