Friday 19 June 2009

Finds update

I'm going to try and provide a brief overview of the range of finds recovered from site each week. In terms of ceramics, there is a substantial quantity of Roman material coming out, including late Roman wares, such as calcite gritted wares, as well as the usual range of fine wares, grey wares, mortaria and amphorae one would expect from a Roman fort. We've also recovered a not insubstantial assemblage of late medieval green-glazed pottery from the large feature inside the barrack block.

Recovery of metal artefacts has been good, aided by the assistance of the metal detectorists. As we've been keeping the spoil from each feature separate, we've been able to relate objects recovered by detector back to its original context rather than just recording it as unstratified. Overall, we've now recovered over 100 coins; most are Roman, but we've also had one or two medieval examples.

We've also found a number of other objects, including a Roman melon bead and, most excitingly, a large fragment of a pipeclay figurine of Venus, probably produced in Gaul.

Roman brooch

Obverse and reverse of Roman coin

Obverse and reverse of long cross penny of Henry II

Medieval strap end

Roman melon bead

Pipeclay Venus figurine

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