Tuesday 4 August 2009

Binchester Day Forty-two

hankfully another day without rain ensured that a full day's work could be completed on the site. Again with such complicated archaeology it was extremely difficult to identify specific features. However one of the volunteers was able to produce evidence for a possible shallow pit and unearthed a Roman bead. Another area of the site showed signs of a wall and to the north of the site quite a number of nails were found in a relatively small area. Other volunteers continued to plan the site, which as this is the last week, gained some urgency. Mattocking and trowelling continued but not with the vigour as earlier in the dig, as resources were used to consolidate existing features.

One of the interesting aspects of the excavation has been the number of visitors that have come to see the "dig" in action. The numbers are surprisingly large and the site supervisors have been kept busy explaining the site and answering some searching questions

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