Thursday 6 August 2009

Binchester Day Forty-four

The end is nearly in sight. We are really winding down on site now; its all hands to the pump with recording, with only minimal excavation taking place, as we really need to make sure there are no loose ends once the field season is over. Although we'll be back next year, its best to get all the recording for this year's work completed. As well as the excavation work we had several groups of visitors around today. The excavation is accessible to the general public visiting the fort's visitor centre; this means we have a constant trickle of people coming to watch the dig; we always do our best to make time to talk to them about the site and our work. As well as individuals we have had many large groups ranging from schools to University of the Third Age groups from the surrounding area. Its gratifying to see our research stimulating so much public interest.

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