Tuesday 6 October 2009

Geophysics Results

As promised the latest results from the geophysical survey carried out last week at Binchester. The image here shows the combined plot of all surveys carried out on the site including work previously done by Geoquest and GSB Prospection. The recent work carried out by Archaeological Services and funded by the Roman Research Trust is the large (5ha) L-shaped area to the north of the fort.

It clearly shows extensive activity outside the fort in this area, including possible stone-founded buildings close to the northern corner of the defences. There are also a couple of large enclosures with some kind of activity within them in the north-eastern corner of the plot. It is not clear precisely what these are, possibilities include Late Iron Age or Roman rural settlements, areas of industrial activity or possibly even cemeteries.

NB: October 12th: new version of the geophysics posted with correct logo DP

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