Monday 18 May 2009

Binchester: the countdown begins...

It's now only three weeks until we start on site at Binchester. This year we are planning to investigate an area in the eastern corner of the fort to the north of Dere Street and the commandant's house. We hope to carry out a magnetometer survey on the site our trench next week. The week after we will then carry out a Ground Penetrating Radar survey in the same area, followed by the top soil strip. Our Durham students will begin the excavation in earnest on June 8th. They will be out on site for three weeks until June 26th. The Stanford contingent will arrive over the weekend and begin work on Monday 29th June alongside some of our Durham post-graduates. This stage will continue until July 17th. The final four weeks of excavation will be carried out by members of the Durham and Northumberland Archaeological and Architectural Society. I will post up the results of the geophysical survey as soon as possible and begin updating the blog daily (more or less) once the main excavation commences.

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