Tuesday 7 July 2015

Binchester 2015: Day 27

Busy day on site - today we were visited by Adam Stanford from Aerial-Cam. He was able to take a series of great images of both trenches both from his static camera on a low-level mast, and also using a drone. This has provided us with some fantastic hi-resolution images of the site. We'll be sharing these pictures on the blog soon.

In Trench 1, the mysterious big burnt splodges continue to be mysterious, big and burnt... although they are clearly producing evidence for metal working, such as the small mould pictured (although it is not clear what it is a mould of). In the north-east corner in the area of newly revealed road, our crudely defined road drain today metamorphised into a more nicely constructed drain seemingly curving to head towards the latrine- although we cannot see any evidence of it appearing in the section nearer the latrine itself. It may either change course, have been destroyed or we simply may not have the correct level.

In Trench 2 - the focus continues to be outside the bath-house. In the road area to the west of the bath building we continue to record the cobbles, flags and surfaces as more become exposed. Meanwhile, in Morris's huge section through the roadside build up, he is more or less at the same level externally as the internal floor level in the bath! His work has revealed some more possible vents or flue-holes in the external wall face.

Some nice finds today, including a splendid copper alloy handle and a mysterious u-shaped object with a swivelling fitting (which looks like a spur or stirrup, but is probably neither)


  1. Could the U-shaped "thingy" be a spur?

  2. possibly- although the fitting in the centre is articulated and can slide up and down the U-shaped fitting- after a little research last night our favoured interpretation is bridle fitting D