Wednesday 4 July 2012

BIN12: Day Sixteen

Another busy day, with no rain! In Trench 1 our mysterious little Roman structure built into the rampart to the north of the medieval building turned into a mysterious little medieval structure when green-glazed pot was found built into its walls. There was also more work on the big new wall in the trench extension, it was tidied up and photographed, and there is another smaller possible wall behind it now. Very confusing- I wish we'd never opened up this bit now! Elsewhere on the south-east rampart we're worrying away at the northern end of the roadside drain which appears to be bifurcating! It's path must take it more or less through the big pit, although we haven't picked it up anywhere obvious. Lots of beavering away along the features either side of the barrack. We've an area of possible path in the south-east corner and more possible pits (inevitably) appearing elsewhere. Nice finds from the northern edge of the trench include an enamelled stud, a brooch and a fragment of worked shale or slate (see images below). In Trench 2 more work on the south-western corner is revealing further flagged surfaces overlain by a burnt deposit. In Building 1 we're finally getting to grips with the oven that the nicely built flue led to whilst in Building 2 we're revisiting the oven. Lots of work in the central sector including quite a lot of the dark material coming off to the north of the post-medieval ditch. In the bath building, our hoped for flagstone base to the large pit failed to develop, but we're removing some of the interior fills. We realised that the surviving wall plaster does not appear on the blocking of the door/window, giving us some kind of phasing. I'm not on site tomorrow, but I will try and incite someone else to provide a blog entry.

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