Friday 15 June 2012

BIN12: Day Eight

Bah! Rained off; absolutely tipping it down this morning with stiff breeze. No way we could work, so the students spent the morning washing pot and bone. The lack of news for today gives me a chance to catch up with yesterday's events. In Trench 1, the cobbled surface beneath the medieval building (as we can now safely call it) is emerging nice and clearly, although the situation on the revetment is still rather confused. The focus of activity is currently in the eastern corner. The flagstone surface is now fully exposed. It is not clear how it relates to the back of the tower, where we are still missing a rear wall. It is possible it has been robbed out, we are still stratigraphically quite high, so it may emerge later. The northern compartment of the barracks is now nearly fully planned, which means we can crack on with excavating some of the internal features. Work on the eastern side of the barrack is also progressing well, with some more gullies and pits emerging. In Trench 2, a clay layer is emerging. It is not clear whether it is a proper floor or not, but this should soon become clear. In the centre of this trench we are slowly unpicking the pit and surface elements, although it is still a bit confusing. In the strip buildings work progresses on the oven and flu features. Lots to look forward to next week.

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