Thursday 24 July 2014

Binchester 2014: Day Thirty-Four

Nearly at the end of the season- but still a busy day. First of all , a visit by Iain Ferris, who excavated the commander's house and bath-house in the 1980s/90s. Lots of useful feedback and discussion- always useful to have him come and visit. We then spent much of the morning with a press call related to our press release earlier this week. I spent a lot of time gurning to camera and perfecting my catwalk poses.

Nonetheless, the work still continues and amid the planning and drawing new discoveries are being made. Most of the interesting developments today were in Trench 1. Here, we've been looking at the northern gable end of the narrow barrack block, where it meets the gully. It has been becoming increasingly clear that the very northern end of this building was extended by a couple of feet at some point. By dismantling the latest gulley which seemed to incorporate the gable wall, it is now clear that there was an earlier gully that we rebuilt when the building was extended northwards.

Elsewhere, yet more post-holes and post-pads continue to appear. We have also found traces of a nice metalled floor surface that seems to extend across nearly the entire width of the building. Nicest find to day was a splendid stone lamp found by Tracey. This has gone back to the labs to be emptied because it appears to have some original contents within it.

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