Tuesday 4 August 2009

Binchester Day Forty

Many thanks to David Mein for another update (I'll be back in circulation on site later this week)

"The final week arrived as did a new team of volunteers. They began to work in the centre of the site in an effort to provide more evidence of how the site at a later stage actually functioned and this involved initially mattocking the area. Several interesting features had already been identified such as a possible drain and an early hearth. In the centre of the site a volunteer uncovered a whetstone and bead together with some pottery and close by a Roman coin was discovered.

To the west of the site quite a few nails were excavated together with several pieces of medieval pottery. This strengthened the view that this was an extremely complicated archaeological site and would need some time, and more evidence, to identify the features accurately.

As this was the last week the important aspect of planning the site had to be addressed and several volunteers were performing this duty.

Quite surprisingly work throughout the day continued in warm sunshine and one can only hope that this remains the case throughout the week"

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